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Maryland Physician Contract Attorney
Maryland Physician Contract Attorney

Maryland Physician Contract Attorney Analysis

Our physician contract attorneys can review your contract, identify the areas that could improve, and assist you in negotiating the best agreement possible for your new healthcare employment.

Each Maryland physician that requests the assistance of an attorney receives:

  • Available in any state 
  • Flat-rate pricing with no hidden costs
  • Review of your proposed employment agreement
  • Phone consultation reviewing the contract term by term
  • Follow up with a review of the needed clarifications

Maryland Physician Career Tips

As a physician licensed in Maryland, you have various opportunities to enhance your career and maximize your earning potential. Here are some strategies and resources that could be beneficial:

  1. Understand Maryland’s Healthcare Landscape: Maryland’s healthcare system is unique, given its “All-Payer Model,” where all insurance companies reimburse hospitals at the same rate for services. The Maryland Department of Health provides valuable resources and information about the state’s healthcare needs and trends to guide your career decisions.
  2. Join Professional Associations: The MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society offers networking, education, advocacy, and a variety of other resources. Networking can often lead to higher-paying job opportunities and partnerships.
  3. Specialize Based on Demand: In Maryland, as with many places, specialized physicians tend to earn more than generalists. In-demand specialties can vary based on factors such as location and population demographics. For instance, Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health, located in Maryland, are renowned for their research in specialties like Oncology, Immunology, and Neurology, making these specialities potentially more lucrative in this state.
  4. Continuing Education and Professional Development: Maintaining and enhancing your knowledge and skills is a sure way to increase your value as a physician. Institutions such as the University of Maryland School of Medicine offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities.
  5. Leverage Telemedicine: As with many other states, Maryland has embraced telemedicine, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Familiarize yourself with the Maryland Telehealth Alliance for guidance on this rapidly expanding field.
  6. Explore Loan Repayment Programs: The State of Maryland offers various loan repayment programs for physicians who commit to serving in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). The Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Physicians is one such initiative.
  7. Review Your Contracts Carefully: To ensure that you get the most out of your employment agreements, consider consulting with a lawyer or a company specialized in medical contract review.
  8. Diversify Your Income Streams: In addition to your primary practice, consider additional income streams like consulting, teaching, or medical writing. Opportunities might be found at institutions like Johns Hopkins University or local pharmaceutical companies.

By understanding and exploring these opportunities, you can diversify your income and maximize your earning potential while meeting the healthcare needs of Maryland’s residents.

New residents, attending physicians, and doctors, whether or not members of the AMA, entering into their first employment contract, or established physicians looking for new employment, can all benefit from a thorough contract review by a qualified attorney. Getting a lawyer to assist you with this will prevent future litigation and other problems.

By employing an experienced attorney for your representation, you can ensure that you will be able to fully understand the extensive and complex wording included in your contract. Contract attorneys know how to navigate these contracts. They know what a professional board would require. By fully understanding the contract, you will be better positioned to decide whether you want to enter into the agreement, affecting your career life for years to come.

Cities for a lawyer review of a physician contract include:

Attorney to Review Physician Employment Contract

The present-day conclusion is simple:  A Maryland physician should not enter into any medical contract for employment in the Maryland health field without having the contract review done by expert attorneys at a firm where they are familiar with how contracts should be put together. There is too much at risk for a physician to take contract matters into their own hands. In addition to the specific professional implications, physician contract terms can significantly impact a physician’s family, lifestyle, and future estate.

There are many essential contract terms and clauses which can present complex and diverse issues for any physician, including:

  • Non-compete clauses
  • Inadequate professional liability insurance and tail coverage
  • Unfavorable call schedules
  • Production Bonuses (RVU, net income, or hybrid structures)
  • Not enough paid time off (PTO) or Vacation time
  • Biased Termination Provisions (With or Without Cause)
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Dues and Fees
  • Compensation

Physician Contract Review for Each Estate

Therefore it is in the physician’s interest to always obtain a physician contract review by a knowledgeable lawyer when signing a healthcare employment contract. Contract lawyers know what to look for, how to negotiate for the best terms, what form agreements should take, and how to take care of your interests best. They have all the resources necessary to help you.

Contract Review Services

Additionally, often the most influential terms and clauses in any employment contract are the ones that are not present. A physician must review an employment agreement before signing it due to the advent of productivity-based employment agreements. 

We have practical experience drafting and reviewing physician contracts for nearly every specialty.

Physician Contract: Thorough Contract Review

A thorough contract review can benefit new residents, attending physicians, doctors entering their first employment contract, or established physicians looking for new employment. By employing an experienced attorney for your representation, you can ensure that you will be able to fully understand the extensive and complex wording included in your contract

By having a complete understanding of the contract, you will be in a better position to decide whether you want to enter into the agreement, which will affect your career life for years to come.

Independent Contractors

An independent contractor agreement is a vital part of the modern workplace. For many professionals, including in the healthcare industry, working as an independent contractor can offer several benefits, such as having control over your work schedule and enjoying collaborating with multiple companies

We also offer physician contract reviews in Maine and analysis of medical employment agreements in Massachusetts.

Maryland Physician Contract Review

Coming into a new organization with a favorable contract can put the physician in a positive financial situation for years to come. Before you sign the most important contract of your life, turn to an experienced Maryland Physician Contract Attorney for assistance with physician contract reviews.

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