Mandala vs Figs Scrubs

Mandala vs Figs Scrubs: A Direct Comparison

Mandala vs Figs Scrubs

Some brands have dominated the medical uniform industry for many years. These organizations always look to outperform each entity in ensuring that they have the best uniforms in the sector and that their clients trust them. So, Mandala vs Fig Scrubs, which brand is the best fit for you?

The two major organizations competing in this niche include Figs and Mandala. If you operate in the medical niche, you’ve probably bought some of your uniforms from one of these companies.

If you’re planning to buy scrubs, deciding between Mandala and Figs scrubs takes work. It’s a massive challenge because the two organizations have recently delivered quality scrubs. This article will highlight the main similarities and differences while providing a final verdict on which scrub to consider.

Scrub Pants Waistband

As you already know, scrubs waistband is one of the major areas of consideration. You want a scrub with one of the best waistbands to allow you to bed and perform other duties without exposing your waist. In some instances, waistbands play a critical role in determining whether you’ll move from downwards or upwards with ease.

As you’ll discover, Figs scrubs are not known to have the best waistbands. The company ensures that the entire pant can stretch easily and enable you to handle some complex activities easily.

However, Mandala scrubs are traditionally known to have a yoga-pants-style waistband. You can easily bend over or do CPR without your butt hanging out. Most nurses have highlighted that Mandala scrubs make it easier to sneak in between an IV pump or use a feeding pump while not exposing their bodies.

Odor Control Properties

Over the years, odor control has never been an issue of concern among scrub manufacturers. There seems to have been an expectation that medical practitioners cannot avoid odor. The environment they’re operating in will always generate some odor that other people around them will have to live with. Medical practitioners have been forced to accept their conditions as irreversible.

However, in recent years, deliberate measures have been adopted to control scrub odors. Figs have been the leading scrub brand that works towards clean and comfortable scrubs for medical practitioners and other people within the environment.

If you may come into contact with hospital fluids that could not be comfortable to your coworkers, Figs scrubs are the best. They have odor control properties that will repel away the foul smell immediately, making it easier for you to walk into the building.

Water Resistant Scrubs

In a medical environment, staying away from water sounds impossible. There are fluids at any table, and you might be administering drugs and fluids to patients likely to spill on your scrub. If you have a scrub that absorbs water, you might have to deal with extremely freezing temperatures and other uncomfortable conditions, especially in winter.

Mandala has been working hard to stock water-resistant scrubs in recent times. However, it is essential to indicate that Figs has mastered the art of producing water-resistant scrubs that have proved very effective. All the water, fluids, and pre-digested feeds you’ll likely get from patients roll down Figs scrubs making the best water-resistant scrub on the market.

Mandala vs Figs Scrubs: Are Both Wrinkle-Free?

To care for and maintain your scrub, you must wash and iron your scrub regularly. You want your uniform to remain in the best conditions possible. However, this will only happen if you work hard to iron your scrub. You will also be smart and decent among the people in the medical environment.

Figs scrubs have not been very effective in incorporating wrinkle-free properties. Most of the scrubs this brand has been offering in the market have yet to meet the majority’s expectations.

However, Mandala has effectively ensured that all the scrubs it has been delivering into the market have been wrinkle-free. It is a considerable achievement because medical practitioners don’t have to keep ironing their uniforms.

Antimicrobial Properties

Antimicrobial properties are generally vital because they determine not only your safety but the safety of those around you. In a medical environment, especially where you constantly interact with sick people, you’ll come into contact with bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms.

Most scrubs don’t have added antimicrobial activities, so nurses can easily transmit diseases to other individuals. However, Figs scrubs have effectively ensured they protect the users. Scrubs that don’t transmit disease-causing microorganisms are very effective in enhancing the well-being of medical practitioners.

Material Durability

Material durability is one of the significant issues of consideration when buying a scrub. You want a medical uniform that will serve you for several years. In most cases, strong materials that can withstand the hospital environment and regular washing are preferable. However, developing a scrub material that meets all the necessary durability takes time and effort.

However, as you’ll discover, most scrubs are durable and have been made to withstand most hospital chemicals. That’s why they are water resistant, which helps them avoid absorbing enormous amounts of moisture, some of which might negatively impact the scrub’s durability.

Cost of Scrubs

Both Figs and Mandala scrubs are available at different prices. You’ll have to determine the quality of the scrub you need so that you can clearly understand the amount you need to pay. 

However, it’s essential to indicate that Figs scrubs are considered the most expensive in the market. You’ll have to spend massive amounts of money to get Figs scrubs. Nevertheless, there’s an agreement that the price of Figs scrubs is consistent with their quality.

Which Scrubs are Best Fit for You?

As you can see, both Figs and Mandala scrubs have different qualities. You have to have a clear understanding of the scrub that you need to perform your duty. There will always be a scrub that has an edge when it comes to analyzing a specific metric. 

However, depending on your taste and preferences, you’ll need a scrub to serve you in your role effortlessly. Making a decision based on the amount of money you will pay may not deliver the scrub you want. However, concentrating on the quality and individual properties of the scrubs you want will offer maximum satisfaction.

What Are Medical Scrubs?

Medical scrubs are clothing typically worn by medical professionals while performing their duties. They cover the entire body with a top and top, sometimes accessorized with caps, gloves, and masks.Their fabric helps protect against contact with any infectious bacteria that might be present.

The exact type of scrubs used will depend on the context of the patient’s situation or the procedure underway.

What Is the Importance of Medical Scrubs?

From 30 million healthcare practitioner profiles, Zippia noted that 5,279 scrub nurses are dutifully assigned in the United States. It’s not only scrub nurses who require befitting scrubs for their roles.Medical scrubs are designed to protect against the accidental spread of bacteria, which can otherwise lead to avoidable infections. They also help keep medical professionals looking clean and hygienic while performing tasks in a busy hospital environment.The material used in medical scrubs is usually a blend of polyester and Spandex. This combination provides a breathable fabric that’s comfortable and machine-washable, making it easy to maintain hygiene standards in the workplace.

Comfort and a stretchy fit are two of the most important features of medical scrubs. The fabric should move with you while you’re working to ensure that you don’t feel too restricted, but at the same time should be tight enough to prevent any loose material from getting in your way.

Why Are Medical Scrubs So Expensive?

Fortune Business Insights states, “the medical scrubs market could reach $140.64 billion before 2028.” It mainly attributed production innovation, healthy competition, and accountable pricing models to the surging demand for this healthcare paraphernalia.Medical scrubs have been expensive because the market wasn’t competitive or accountable for pricing models. The Covid-19 Pandemic also distorted the supply chain, and retailers were quick to hike prices.As the lockdowns subsided, supply chain vulnerabilities got exposed, and reliable market leaders like Mandala scrubs stepped in to provide quality garments at affordable prices.

With innovative production techniques, fabrics have become more affordable and durable, allowing for a competitive pricing model with better-quality materials.

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