Mandala Scrubs Plus Size Review

Getting a scrub with suitable fabrics is critical to your performance as a medical practitioner, so we have completed a mandala scrubs plus size review to help you decide if these scrubs are a good fit for you.. You don’t want to be moving around the medical facility with something that is not matching your energy. It will worsen if you wear scrubs that are not fitting, tiny ones. They’ll not only hinder your functionality but also make you uncomfortable.

Mandala Plus Size Scrubs

Luckily, the emergence of Mandala Scrubs in the plus size category is something you should cherish. This category has specifically been designed for nurses struggling to get something that fits their bodies and enables them to perform to their expected levels. 

Here’s what you need to know about plus-size Mandala Scrubs and why you should order them today.

Clean Look and Stylish Scrubs

It’s no surprise that medical facilities across the country have medical professionals walking around with Mandala Scrubs. They look clean and stylish. As a nurse, you don’t want scrubs that look faded and not fit for your environment. That’s why a clean and fresh look is a welcome bonus that fits into your professionalism.

Plus sizes are usually seen as something other than stylish or fitting into the fashion trends at any given time. Usually, most people looking for plus-size scrubs only focus on something that fits. However, with Mandala Scrubs, you’ll get much more than that. You’ll also be stylish and consistent with the medical workplace’s current fashion trends.

Lightweight and Breathable

Besides the appearance of your plus-size scrubs, the next and most crucial aspect is functionality.Are they good enough to aid your functionality as a nurse? There has always been a perception that scrubs are heavy and accumulate more sweat than people can handle. That’s why it’s always a task to select scrubs that can meet your basic requirements.However, as you’ll discover, Mandala Scrubs are lightweight and breathable. You’ll be able to move around the medical facility, which every nurse wants to have. The lightweight aspect will ensure that you feel well-rested by the attire you wear throughout the day.

Also, Mandala Scrubs is breathable, so you’ll get constant fresh air throughout the day. You’ll quickly remove the hot air from the body, which will help to keep you fresh as you continue to address various challenges from your patients.

Scrub Pants As Comfortable as Yoga Pants

Comfort is another functionality aspect that you should always consider when buying scrubs. As you know, nurses have struggled to get comfortable and work-oriented scrubs. There have been complaints of scrubs that tear when one bends, which makes it challenging for nurses to perform their roles.

Most users have already established that Mandala Scrubs are very comfortable and have been made to fit into the nurses’ role in hospitals. As a medical practitioner looking for a plus-size scrub, you don’t have to worry about your comfort with Mandala Scrubs.


As a medical professional, wearing scrubs with wrinkles is not only a turn-off but something that may play a central role in how your patients view you. It has always been a challenge, especially among the medical professionals who have been wearing plus-size scrubs. It’s hard to keep ironing your scrub daily while handling other important work and personal duties.That’s why the creators of Mandala Scrubs have developed their scrubs with a unique aspect ensuring they’re wrinkle-resistant. When you purchase and wear your plus size Mandala Scrubs, you can be sure you’ll not struggle to deal with unnecessary wrinkles. You’ll maintain a professional look while portraying a good look from your patients.

Besides the unique wrinkle-resistant property, it’s worth indicating that Mandala Scrubs have consistently demonstrated less shrinking in the dryer, which means that scrubs hold their shape. You would like to have this unique aspect on your scrubs.

Moisture Resistant

In a medical facility, it’s hard not to come into contact with moisture. There are fluids everywhere, and you’ll likely come into contact with such fluids. However, you want to avoid being in a situation where your scrubs get moist and make it challenging to handle simple tasks. You want your scrub to remain dry and comfortable without changing during the day.

With Mandala Scrubs, you don’t have to worry about the highly moist conditions in the medical facility. It is a welcome advantage that other plus-size scrubs are not offering. It would be best if you considered it when ordering your next scrub to keep your body warm while preventing unnecessary moisture in your clothes.

Available on Trendy Colors

Color may not be the most important aspect you want to consider when buying your scrubs. However, you want to appear energized in a place where people need encouragement and a happy environment. That’s why you must pay attention to the color of your scrub.

Unfortunately, most scrubs available for nurses and other medical professionals are in dark colors or sometimes bluish. These are the available colors in medical facilities. However, with Mandala Scrubs, you can always get some trendy colors to express your mood and bring some life to your medical facility.

Available in Multiple Styles

Besides color, fabric, and comfort, there’s no doubt that you’ll pay attention to the style that fits your fashion tastes and preferences. You want to avoid wearing a scrub just for the sake of it. You want to ensure you’re also happy and comfortable with your scrubs.

However, you must maintain professionalism by avoiding getting over the board with your fashion tastes. There needs to be a scrub brand that pays attention to such aspects as Mandala Scrubs. With this scrub, you’ll get a chance to choose what fits into your styles, fashion, trends, and taste without interfering with dressing codes.

Environmentally Friendly Medical Scrubs

Today, biodegradable fabrics have become a sharp focus due to the current push toward environmental sustainability. As trends indicate, most scrub manufacturing companies have worked hard to ensure that their final products meet ecological demands.

Most importantly, Mandala has been one of the leading scrub manufacturing organizations in the world. The company plays a critical role in promoting recycling while at the same time sourcing raw materials using sustainable approaches.

Why Are Medical Scrubs So Expensive?

Fortune Business Insights states, “the medical scrubs market could reach $140.64 billion before 2028.” It mainly attributed production innovation, healthy competition, and accountable pricing models to the surging demand for this healthcare paraphernalia.Medical scrubs have been expensive because the market wasn’t competitive or accountable for pricing models. The Covid-19 Pandemic also distorted the supply chain, and retailers were quick to hike prices.As the lockdowns subsided, supply chain vulnerabilities got exposed, and reliable market leaders like Mandala scrubs stepped in to provide quality garments at affordable prices.

With the advent of innovative production techniques, fabrics have become more affordable and durable, allowing for a competitive pricing model with better-quality materials.

Are Mandala Scrubs Qualified for Hospital Jobs?

According to, standard medical scrubs ought to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing free movement of the body. The scrubs should also be antimicrobial and protect the skin.Protection in a medical practice environment where healthcare workers are exposed to biological hazards means the scrubs can’t absorb fluids and must withstand frequent laundering.Mandala scrubs are a good choice in terms of all the above criteria. All the products from Mandala entail high-quality fabric, both comfortable and long-lasting. Water-resistant and antimicrobial materials are also used in their scrubs, making them ideal for hospital use.

In addition, the fashionable and contemporary designs ensure that anyone wearing Mandala Scrubs stands out amongst the crowd.

Are Mandala Scrubs as Good as Figs?

There is no doubt Figs scrubs are amongst the best in the market. They are comfortable, durable, and antimicrobial. Figs scrubs also come in a range of sizes and styles.Mandala scrubs are as good as Figs because they are antimicrobial, wrinkle-free, with built-in stretch, and spill-resistant. No matter what a hectic day in the hospital throws at you, Mandala scrubs will keep you protected, looking professional, and feeling comfortable all day long.The fabric used in Mandala scrubs is also breathable and comfortable. Thus, you can stay cool and distraction-free throughout a long shift. The four-way stretch provides extra movement for bending and crouching during medical procedures.Mandala scrubs also come with multi-use pockets for convenient storing medical necessities such as stethoscopes, notes, pens, and other items. These pockets allow you to remain organized on the job, with all your medical essentials within easy reach.

In essence, Mandala scrubs are better than Figs because of their affordable prices and fashionable designs.

A Review of Mandala Scrubs Masks

Mandala Scrubs is a San Francisco-based medical retailer of clothing and gear. It operates a subscription-based service where buyers select a pair of scrubs as per the chosen plan. Users can also buy the products from the Mandala website.

The company has received good reviews for its quality products and variety that covers most individual needs. Besides, the company has added cutting-edge style and comfort to medical wear, allowing for increased comfort.

One of the popular products is the scrub mask, which health providers and the general population can wear. They come with various features to meet different needs. Here is a review of the Mandala Scrub Masks.

Features of the Scrub Masks


Mandala scrub masks are made from a proprietary fabric called Equa-Tek that repels much of the liquid it comes into contact with. It helps it to effectively inhibit bacterial growth, slowing their movement into the nasal areas. This material is also super-stretchy, enabling people of all face shapes to use it easily.

The material is a blend of 75% polyester, 6% spandex, and 19% viscose. The material can be machine-washed on cold, tumble-dried, and ironed on low heat. However, it would be best if you did not bleach it.

On the interior, there is 100% cotton material. Cotton is a breathable material that is hypoallergenic and soft on the skin. It does not collect dust or generate static electricity when in contact with the wearer’s skin.

The combination of inner and outer material results in a mask that is comfortable to wear, fits snugly, and is easy to maintain. However, this mask cannot be used as a surgical mask or in environments with a high risk of concentrated bacterial infection because the user may inhale some microbes.

 In addition, antimicrobial coatings do not protect the user against viral infections such as COVID-19. Users should take all precautions to protect themselves, including using the proper masks. Besides, check the local safety laws for medical personnel and COVID-19 masking regulations.


Each mask has a PM2.5 filter that offers a whopping 95% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency). This BFE>95% filter was made from melt-blown polypropylene. Therefore, it is not washable, as its melt-blown fabric loses its effectiveness when it comes into contact with water. We recommend changing the filter every 3–4 days or if it becomes tough to draw your breath.

Other Features of the Masks

Replaceable Inserts

Each mask comes with three PM2.5 filter inserts to replace the one with the mask. These inserts extend the longevity of your mask while keeping you protected from bacterial infections for an extended period.

When changing the inserts, please place them in the filter pocket on the inner side of the mask. You have to pull out the old insert and put the new one in the pocket, which will stay in place. Ensure that you remove the inserts before you wash the masks so that they are usable.

Adjustable Nose Wire

The adjustable nose wire enables you to sculpt your mask according to the shape of your nose. It adds to the comfort and fit of the mask. In addition, it helps prevent fogging for those who wear glasses. The wire is not rigid and requires a soft pinch to get into the right shape.

Reinforced Threading at the Loops

The masks come with strengthened loop threading, allowing users to tie them for a comfortable fit without tearing them off. This quality threading is also used throughout the mask to ensure longevity with regular washing. It does not fray or peel, which keeps it looking good after washing.


There are two sizes of the Mandala masks, as follows:

  • Adult size, which is about 9 inches wide by 6 inches high.
  • Kids size, which is 8 inches wide by 4 inches high

Both masks may vary by around 0.3 inches to 0.9 inches.

The pleated mask has different dimensions: about 8 inches wide by 4 inches high for the adult size, and 6.5 inches wide by 3 inches high for the kids’ size. However, you would not notice the difference when wearing them.

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