Mandala Scrubs Masks Review | Are they WORTH It?

Mandala Scrubs is a San Francisco-based medical retailer of clothing and gear. It operates a subscription-based service where buyers select a pair of scrubs as per the chosen plan. Mandala Scrubs Masks are also offered as an option for healthcare providers. Users can also buy the products from the Mandala website.

The Review

The company has received good reviews for its quality products and variety that covers most individual needs. Besides, the company has added cutting-edge style and comfort to medical wear, allowing for increased comfort.

One of the popular products is the scrub mask, which health providers and the general population can wear. They come with various features to meet different needs. Here is a review of the Mandala Scrub Masks.

Features of the Scrub Masks


Mandala scrub masks are made from a proprietary fabric called Equa-Tek that repels much of the liquid it comes into contact with. It helps it to effectively inhibit bacterial growth, slowing their movement into the nasal areas. This material is also super-stretchy, enabling people of all face shapes to use it easily.

The material is a blend of 75% polyester, 6% spandex, and 19% viscose. The material can be machine-washed on cold, tumble-dried, and ironed on low heat. However, it would be best if you did not bleach it.

On the interior, there is 100% cotton material. Cotton is a breathable material that is hypoallergenic and soft on the skin. It does not collect dust or generate static electricity when in contact with the wearer’s skin.

The combination of inner and outer material results in a mask that is comfortable to wear, fits snugly, and is easy to maintain. However, this mask cannot be used as a surgical mask or in environments with a high risk of concentrated bacterial infection because the user may inhale some microbes.

 In addition, antimicrobial coatings do not protect the user against viral infections such as COVID-19. Users should take all precautions to protect themselves, including using the proper masks. Besides, check the local safety laws for medical personnel and COVID-19 masking regulations.


Each mask has a PM2.5 filter that offers a whopping 95% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency). This BFE>95% filter was made from melt-blown polypropylene. Therefore, it is not washable, as its melt-blown fabric loses its effectiveness when it comes into contact with water. We recommend changing the filter every 3–4 days or if it becomes tough to draw your breath.

Other Features of the Masks

Replaceable Inserts

Each mask comes with three PM2.5 filter inserts to replace the one with the mask. These inserts extend the longevity of your mask while keeping you protected from bacterial infections for an extended period.

When changing the inserts, please place them in the filter pocket on the inner side of the mask. You have to pull out the old insert and put the new one in the pocket, which will stay in place. Ensure that you remove the inserts before you wash the masks so that they are usable.

Adjustable Nose Wire

The adjustable nose wire enables you to sculpt your mask according to the shape of your nose. It adds to the comfort and fit of the mask. In addition, it helps prevent fogging for those who wear glasses. The wire is not rigid and requires a soft pinch to get into the right shape.

Reinforced Threading at the Loops

The masks come with strengthened loop threading, allowing users to tie them for a comfortable fit without tearing them off. This quality threading is also used throughout the mask to ensure longevity with regular washing. It does not fray or peel, which keeps it looking good after washing.


There are two sizes of the Mandala masks, as follows:

  • Adult size, which is about 9 inches wide by 6 inches high.
  • Kids size, which is 8 inches wide by 4 inches high

Both masks may vary by around 0.3 inches to 0.9 inches.

The pleated mask has different dimensions: about 8 inches wide by 4 inches high for the adult size, and 6.5 inches wide by 3 inches high for the kids\’ size. However, you would not notice the difference when wearing them.

Types of Mandala Scrub Masks

Mandala sells three types of masks. They include:

  • Earloop masks
  • Head loop masks
  • Pleated masks

Here is a look at each of the masks.

Earloops Masks

The earloop masks have long loops meant to go around the ears. They come with an adjustable knot that allows you to determine the length of each loop for comfort. To use the adjustment feature, you only have to pull the loop knot at the end of the loop to a point where you feel comfortable.

Pleated Masks

Pleated masks create a wider surface area for the filter material to bring air into the nasal passage, enhancing comfort. Besides, the mini pleats also increase the size of the masks without changing the overall dimensions. Therefore, it feels comfortable and easy to wear, especially for people with broad faces. The manufacturer has slightly reduced the mask size to accommodate the pleats.


If you do not want to wear a mask around your ears due to discomfort or preference, you can buy the head loop face mask. This mask has the same characteristics as the earloop mask, except that you wear it around your head. It also has adjustable loops for fitting and comfort, which use the exact mechanism for adjustment.

Choice of Colors

Mandala scrub masks come in various colors, allowing users to match them with their clothing. The website lists over 15 colors for each type of mask described above. Some popular colors include yellow, white, wine, black, mocha, candy red, teal, green, and raspberry.

You can order a pack of a single color or various colors. The website indicates the variety of packs.


The Mandala masks come in five packs

  • Single
  • Pair
  • 5-pack, and 
  • 10-pack


You can choose any of the colors and their mixed colors for your packs.

Wear the Mask for Safety

Mandala scrub masks are premium masks to protect you from bacterial infection, dust, and particulate matter

They are waterproof, washable, and made to last. However, one cannot use them in place of surgical ones or against COVID-19. Overall, they are stylish, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

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