Jaanuu vs Figs Scrubs: Which Is the Best? 

With over 22 million healthcare workers, many wear unfitting, unflattering scrubs. So, Jaanuu vs Figs Scrubs: Which Is the Best?  No doubt working in the healthcare industry comes with challenges. One of the most common issues is finding medical scrubs that are functional and fashionable. Of course, being a doctor or nurse doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good, feel good and be professional at the same time.

Two brands, Jaanuu and FIG, have come to the rescue by providing scrubs that make you look good while delivering quality patient service. Although Jaanuu and figs scrubs may look similar, they differ in some areas

Here we will compare both products to enable you to choose what’s best for your needs.

What Are Jaanuu Scrubs?

For many, scrubs should be super plain and not fitting. This ideology has always existed, but Jaanuu scrubs proves otherwise. Jaanuu, a modern medical workwear and accessory brand, produces Jaanuu scrubs to meet medical professionals’ needs.

Jaanuu’s headquarters is in San Diego, California. Shaan Sethi and his sister, Dr. Neila Sethi Young, started the company in 2013. The inspiration came after Dr. Neila, a pediatrician, was frustrated with the usual uncomfortable and unflattering uniform worn across the medical sector, especially hers. The duo came together to reinvent scrubs that reflect function and style. The company has expanded into other medical accessories like masks and lab coats.

Jaanuu scrubs are both available to men and women and are inspired by current fashion trends. The product stands out with its innovative, odor-fighting, and antimicrobial fabric. It is elastic, resistant to wrinkles, and ensures a comfortable fit.

What Are Fig Scrubs?

An American medical apparel brand scrubs called FIG manufactures Fig scrubs. The company is based in Santa Monica, California, and remains one of the leading scrub brands. It was established when co-founders Heather Haddon and Trina Spear looked for ways to offer more options to healthcare workers

Heather Haddon was obsessed with her nurse practitioner’s uncomfortable uniform. Thus, she transformed clinical apparel with stylish designs, providing more options to health workers.

FIG was the first e-commerce website to sell scrubs to consumers directly rather than in medical supply stores like other scrub brands. FIG’s proprietary fabric utilizes FIONTechnology™ making it comfortable, durable, and fashionable. Figs scrubs are also available to both men and women.

Jaanuu Vs. Figs Scrubs: Which Is Better?

Both Jaanuu and Figs scrubs are known to be among the most stylish scrubs. They are available in different styles and designs. But Jaanuu scrubs have a more modern appearance.

Now that we’ve briefly explained both products let’s compare them using the following:


Both Jaanuu and Figs scrubs are known to be among the most stylish scrubs. They are available in different styles and designs. But Jaanuu scrubs have a more modern appearance.


Jaanuu scrubs are available in any size and fit very well. They include various sizes for women (plus, tall, petite) and men (extended, tall, short). It is also available in a slim, semi-fitted, and relaxed, allowing you to select your best fit.

Figs scrubs also fit in the Right places, but according to reviews, male consumers complain that Figs scrubs lack an ideal fit, especially the pants. But if you can’t get the right fit, you can return within 30 days of purchase to get another.


Both items provide some sense of comfort.

Figs scrub is a lightweight, soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric. Hence, it’s comfortable. You won’t worry about stretching your hands to reach a piece of medical equipment while on duty.

Jaanuu scrub is super comfortable. Its sturdy and stretchy material allows you to move or bend easily. 

Figs and Jaanuu scrubs have moisture-wicking support, which helps to keep you dry on humid or hot days.


Both products are affordable. But Figs scrubs are a little pricey.


Jaanuu’s ForminaFlex Fabric is an ultra-soft, two-way stretch fabric with superior performance. It has excellent color retention (fade resistance), wrinkle resistance, and moisture-wicking support.

Figs scrubs have an extra advantage. They are water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about coffee or blood stains. This feature also prevents exposure to transmittable diseases, which one can expect in the medical field.


Both products are durable and can withstand 12-hour shifts, and all stains are removed with every wash. Jaanuu and Figs scrubs can withstand repetitive movements, don’t overstretch, and are wrinkled-free. Fig’s Proprietary FIONTechnology™ provides excellent comfort and durability.


Both scrubs are available in a wide range of colors. But Jaanuu scrubs have more color options allowing you to pick what suits you.


Studies show nurses’ uniforms carry many bacteria after a single work shift. These contaminated uniforms may spread diseases to the public.

Jaanuu scrub is treated with Silvadur™ antimicrobial. The chemical inhibits bacterial growth, minimizes odor, and resists discoloration, making it ideal for the medical world. 

Figs scrubs are also antimicrobial and help repel odor and bacteria.


Both products provide ample pockets to put your notes, cell phone, pen, or medical equipment like a stethoscope.

Pros and Cons of Figs Scrubs

Here is a summary of the features of Figs scrubs to help with your selection:

Pros of Figs Scrubs

  • Clean and stylish looking
  • Durable and high performing
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Various styles for every body type
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Antimicrobial

Cons of Fig Scrubs

  • Figs scrubs are expensive.
  • It may not fit well, so be careful of the size you order. If you like baggy scrubs, you may have to size up.

Pros and Cons Jaanuu Scrubs

Pros of Jaanuu scrubs

  • Stylish modern look
  • Jaanuu scrubs are treated with Silvadur™ antimicrobial.
  • Available in numerous colors and sizes
  • More flexible and mobile giving you a professional look at the same time
  • Fade and wrinkle resistant
  • A great blend of rayon polyester and spandex

Cons of Jaanuu scrubs

Consumers reported that lighter-colored Jaanuu scrubs are less stain-resistant.

Are Jaanuu Scrubs True to The Size?

Jaanuu scrubs run true to the size. But it varies depending on the style and fit of the product you purchase. Since Jaanuu’s sizing is considerate, ensure you order what will fit you.

Are Figs Scrubs True to The Size?

Based on several customer reviews, Figs scrubs don’t fit the size. But you might get lucky like others and get the perfect fit for your size.

The Lowdown

Being comfortable in your work attire boosts your confidence. Jaanuu and Figs scrubs are good choices for healthcare professionals who want to combine function, style, and comfort.

Soft, durable, and stretchy products provide maximum comfort during working hours. If you are on a low budget, consider Jaanuu scrubs, as it’s more affordable.

How to Get Figs Scrubs Embroidered?

All You Need to Know About Embroidering Your FIGS Scrubs

Embroidering your scrubs is essential regardless of your medical profession. Whether you’ve never had your scrub tops embroidered before or are unsure whether you should update your present embroidery, it’s essential to understand why we believe embroidery is crucial for your scrub top.

This how-to-guide will describe why embroidery is an intelligent choice, how to embroider your FIGS scrub top, and which options are the best for you.

Why Should I Embroider My FIGS Scrubs?

As a medical professional, having scrubs is crucial to your daily routine. Your employer may have strict dress code guidelines, such as requiring a specific color or prohibiting patterns on scrubs, limiting your ability to exhibit your professional style. Here are more reasons why you should embroider your scrubs.


Custom embroidery on your FIGS scrubs is an excellent way to add your personal touch and convey individuality. Many medical workers embroider their scrubs so patients and colleagues can quickly identify them.

Name tags or lanyards are not always an option, but having your name embroidered on the breast of your scrub top is a suitable alternative. In addition to the convenience of not having to remove and re-pin your name tags every time you wash your top, name embroidery is typically more prominent and more visible than a tag.

Additionally, it assures that no one will accidentally wear or steal your uniform.

Displays Your Role & Department

Especially in a large hospital setting, it may need to be more evident to patients who they should ask specific questions. 

When trying to identify someone, embroidering your role or department under your name can be helpful for the patient and yourself. Another way is to have different departments experiment with embroidery in various colors.

Branding & Logos

Embroidering the healthcare facility’s logo is crucial for creating a uniform appearance among all staff members. If you are ordering for a large group or practice, perhaps with different-colored uniforms for different positions, the facility’s logo offers staff members a more professional and united appearance.

However, logo embroidery is also an integral branding element in other healthcare settings, such as private clinics, dental offices, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, and daycare centers. Embroidering your unique logo can complete the professional appearance you’re striving for while increasing brand recognition among patients and clients.

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