Jaanuu Scrubs Review

Everything To Know About Jaanuu Scrubs

Jaanuu scrubs are the most popular nursing scrubs due to their attractive design and superior quality. Medical professionals and students alike prefer the brand.  In a clinical environment, scrubs are necessary for every personnel, but it doesn’t mean they must be uncomfortable. Jaanuu creates medical apparel that is well-cut, comfortable, and antimicrobial. They recognize medical professionals’ hard work and dedication and honor them by making them look stylish. This Jaanuu scrubs review covers all you need to know about Jaanuu scrubs.

About Jaanuu

Jaanuu is a medical apparel brand that produces workwear and accessories for medical professionals. Their attires stand out thanks to their stylish designs and antimicrobial fabrics. 

It has received excellent reviews, and publications like Marie ClairePopSugarGood Housekeeping, and Refinery29 have featured the brand. Jaanuu does things differently and has redefined the medical apparel sector. The business creates cutting-edge medical ware that balances both style and functionality.

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

Now that you know more about the Jaanuu brand, it\’s time to provide a review of their scrubs and more, so you can decide which scrubs to purchase.

Build Quality

Let’s start with the fit, quality, and finish of Jaanuu Scrubs. They are made from ForminaFlex fabric that offers outstanding performance, is incredibly soft, and is two-way stretchable. The fabric has excellent moisture-wicking support, wrinkle resistance, and color retention. Additionally, each cloth piece is made from the finest materials and trimmed accurately.

The scrubs fabric is antimicrobial finished, which implies that you can stop worrying about your scrubs having bacteria or other problems. Even with simple medical ware like scrubs, Jaanuu’s stitching and design show how a good build quality will make a difference.


Jaanuu is a brand that makes nursing scrubs that work. They look lovely, feel unique, and are pretty comfy. 

The drawstring pants feature pockets that offer storage, which is quite helpful. The pants have a slant and patch pockets, ensuring adequate space for all the necessary items. The tops include a pocket for carrying pens or a badge. 

Jaanuu tops come in two different varieties, regular and three-pocket. The three-pocket top has the standard pen pocket and additional pockets on the side, giving the scrubs a unique modern look. 


Finally, Jaanuu’s scrubs are available in sizes XXS-3X, either short, regular, or tall, to ensure no one is left out.


Jaanuu scrubs don’t fall short in the aesthetics department. They have a sleek, modern, and fashionable appearance while appearing professionally. Compared to other scrub brands, Jaanuu scrubs have a more modern look and unique fit and feel. The ForminaFlex fabric they utilize has a silky-smooth appearance, giving the scrubs an expensive look. Additionally, Jaanuu scrubs complement any body type and hide unwanted curves.

Jaanuu Scrub Sets

Jaanuu has a uniform collection of stylish and comfortable scrub sets in many colors. Here are some popular scrub sets.

Jaanuu Scrub Pants for Women

The Jaanuu scrub pant series is unique in design and variety. Women’s scrub pants from Jaanuu are of superior quality and set new standards for medical wear. 

Jaanuu does not compromise style or functionality, unlike the typical baggy scrub pants. They presently provide scrub pants in four styles:

  • Straight
  • Bootcut
  • Skinny
  • Jogging

The scrub collection includes high-rise and mid-rise pants with pockets and other valuable features in slim-fit, semi-fit, and relaxed-fit options.

The scrub pants are easy to wear and look professional thanks to their simple design. They are made with antimicrobial technology, are wrinkle-resistant, and maintain their color for long, making them ideal for the clinical setting.

Jaanuu Scrub Top for Women

The fabric used to create Jaanuu women’s scrub tops makes them more breathable, flexible, and gentle on the skin. They are available in semi-fit, slim-fit, and relaxed options. The scrubs stand out in the market since they include designs featuring a crew neck or V-neck neckline, which add style and functionality.

Jaanuu women’s scrub tops come in many styles, like stylish puff sleeves, a side-rib zip, or a tuck-in top

The women\’s scrub tops come in two, three, or four-pocket options for increased functionality. Pairing the top with comfortable scrub pants creates a stylish scrub set.

Jaanuu Men’s Scrub Pants

The Jaanuu men’s scrub pants are a part of the company’s performance line for men and provide medical professionals with comfort while they perform their daily activities. The scrubs have extra pockets and features that make them functional and fashionable. The scrub pants come in straight and jogging designs in many color options.

Additionally, you can choose either drawstring jogger pants or elastic waistband pants. Jogger pants are more adaptable, and one can wear them at work or outside. All scrub pants options are made with high-quality sweat-resistant fabric and are semi-fitted to compliment all body types and sizes without being overly tight.

Jaanuu Men’s Scrub Top

The Jaanuu men’s scrub tops come in a timeless design and are among the best medical attires. The scrubs have many color variations and feature a relaxed fit with either a crew neck or a V-neck design

They come in 2 and 4-pocket styles that are both useful and fashionable. All men’s scrub tops are built from high-quality, lightweight, fade-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant, comfortable fabric. Every male doctor or nurse should have Jaanuu men’s scrub tops in their closet because of their exceptional comfort and classic elegance.

Where To Shop for Jaanuu Scrubs

Jaanuu Scrubs are available through their website, with a comprehensive listing of their products and prices. Although other online marketplaces also offer some of their products, we advise utilizing their website, so you can shop hassle-free and enjoy a good customer experience.

The Verdict

Overall, Jaanuu scrubs are fashionable, well-made, and would be a perfect addition to anyone trying to add style to their wardrobe. Ensure you are familiar with all the scrub options before purchasing. 

In addition to design options, consider customer feedback, star ratings, materials, and accessibility when looking for scrubs. Balance the benefits and drawbacks of each item to make wise purchasing decisions.

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