How to Get Figs Scrubs Embroidered?

All You Need to Know About Embroidering Your FIGS Scrubs

Embroidering your scrubs is essential regardless of your medical profession. Whether you’ve never had your scrub tops embroidered before or are unsure whether you should update your present embroidery, it’s essential to understand why we believe embroidery is crucial for your scrub top.

This how-to-guide will describe why embroidery is an intelligent choice, how to embroider your FIGS scrub top, and which options are the best for you.

Why Should I Embroider My FIGS Scrubs?

As a medical professional, having scrubs is crucial to your daily routine. Your employer may have strict dress code guidelines, such as requiring a specific color or prohibiting patterns on scrubs, limiting your ability to exhibit your professional style. Here are more reasons why you should embroider your scrubs.


Custom embroidery on your FIGS scrubs is an excellent way to add your personal touch and convey individuality. Many medical workers embroider their scrubs so patients and colleagues can quickly identify them.

Name tags or lanyards are not always an option, but having your name embroidered on the breast of your scrub top is a suitable alternative. In addition to the convenience of not having to remove and re-pin your name tags every time you wash your top, name embroidery is typically more prominent and more visible than a tag.

Additionally, it assures that no one will accidentally wear or steal your uniform.

Displays Your Role & Department

Especially in a large hospital setting, it may need to be more evident to patients who they should ask specific questions. 

When trying to identify someone, embroidering your role or department under your name can be helpful for the patient and yourself. Another way is to have different departments experiment with embroidery in various colors.

Branding & Logos

Embroidering the healthcare facility’s logo is crucial for creating a uniform appearance among all staff members. If you are ordering for a large group or practice, perhaps with different-colored uniforms for different positions, the facility’s logo offers staff members a more professional and united appearance.

However, logo embroidery is also an integral element of branding in other healthcare settings, such as private clinics, dental offices, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, and daycare centers. Embroidering your unique logo can complete the professional appearance you’re striving for while increasing brand recognition among patients and clients.

Choosing Awesome Embroidery for Your FIGS Scrubs

When embroidering your FIGS scrubs, you can customize them by choosing different threads, colors, positioning, and font styles.


The embroidery should contrast significantly with the fabric’s color to stand out. You may prefer a complementary or contrasting color, for example, very light blue to navy, or bright pink or yellow on black. The most crucial factor is that any text be legible to your patients or clients.

Text Placement

You can place the text on your FIGS scrub top’s right or left side. Most medical professionals prefer to place the text above their chest pocket.

When selecting your logo and text, you must specify whether you want your text embroidered precisely above or below your logo or on opposing sides of your chest. 

It will depend on the design of the scrub top you have selected, as well as the size of the logo you desire for the most professional outcome. Adding text and a logo to your uniform may be more expensive than adding one or the other alone.

How Can I Get My FIGS Scrubs Embroidered?

Embroidering your FIGS scrubs entails following a process that we will describe below.

  1. Login to the FIGS website and click the \”Help\” button
  2. Go to the product page for your style and click the \”Add Embroidery\” button just above the \”Add to Bag\” button.
  3. To add text embroidery, pick \”Add My Name\” from the embroidery pop-up, enter your information, and click \”Add.\” Each line can have a maximum of 20 characters, and the second line is optional.
  4. To add icon embroidery, go to the embroidery pop-up, pick \”Add an Icon,\” enter your information, and click \”Add.\” Please remember that initials are optional and are limited to two characters.
  5. To add icon and text embroidery, choose \”Add Both\” from the embroidery pop-up menu, enter your information, and click \”Add.\”

Where to Place Embroidery on Your FIGS Scrubs

Once you go through the embroidery options and pick “Add Embroidery” from the product page on the FIGS website, you will see a comprehensive list of placements.

One can typically place text embroidery on either the right or left chest. At the same time, you can position icon embroidery on the left sleeve.

How Long Will the Embroidery Take?

Embroidered FIGS scrub tops may take an additional two-weeks shipping delay.

If you select express delivery at checkout, your order will ship within two business days after a processing wait of up to two weeks.

When You Should Not Add Embroidery to Your Scrub Top

Embroidery may only sometimes be the best option. If you are trying out new scrubs, you should purchase them without embroidery first to confirm that the color, size, and fit are what you need. When you know what you want, you can always embroider them.

Having your scrubs embroidered is a huge step to take. However, once you’ve made the decision, you may not always be able to return or exchange them. Still, it’s also a professional way to unite a team or identify everyone in your department or practice.

Bottom Line

Embroidering your FIGS scrubs may be the perfect solution to adding your personal touch and expressing your identity. 

If you are a medical professional, your workplace may have strict dress code policies regarding scrubs, and breaching these policies may cause issues for your profession.

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