Doximity Physician Salary

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In today’s age of digital healthcare, platforms like Doximity have not only connected physicians but also brought transparency to many aspects of the medical profession. One hot topic that often pops up in coffee break chats and conference hallways? The “Doximity Physician Salary” report!

Let’s dive into the numbers, see where they come from, and, most importantly, understand what they mean for doctors like you navigating the medical maze. Buckle up, data enthusiasts—it’s going to be an informative ride!

Doximity Physician Salary

Navigating the complex world of physician salaries can be overwhelming, especially with the multitude of factors that influence compensation. One resource that has come to the forefront in recent years is the annual Doximity Physician Compensation Report. 

But what exactly is Doximity, and how does its report affect the landscape of physician compensation?

What is Doximity?

Doximity is a social networking platform specifically designed for U.S. healthcare professionals. Think of it as a LinkedIn for doctors. It allows clinicians to collaborate, discuss cases, and even refer patients. Additionally, it offers numerous resources for its members, including the annual physician compensation report.


What are Doximity Physicians?

‘Doximity physicians’ refers to the medical professionals registered on the Doximity platform. It encompasses a wide range of specialties and practice settings. These physicians contribute to, and benefit from, the shared knowledge and resources available on the platform.

Physician Compensation Report

Doximity releases a comprehensive report detailing physician salaries across various specialties and regions each year. This report is based on data collected from tens of thousands of licensed doctors in the U.S. It offers insights into trends, disparities, and potential influencing factors in physician compensation.

Specialties with the Biggest Salary

One intriguing aspect of the Doximity report is its highlight of which specialties receive the most substantial compensation. While numbers fluctuate annually, specialties like orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and cardiology often top the list. It’s essential to note, however, that these figures can vary based on factors like location, experience, and individual negotiation skills.

Compensation Salary Report for Emergency

Emergency medicine, a critical and often high-pressure field, is another specialty scrutinized in Doximity’s report. Typically, the salary report for emergency physicians reveals competitive compensation, reflecting the intense nature and unpredictability of the job.

The Biggest Salary Increases

Another key takeaway from the Doximity report is tracking which specialties see the most significant salary growth year over year. This provides a snapshot of the current landscape and hints at future trends and the evolving priorities in healthcare.



The Doximity Physician Compensation Report serves as a valuable tool for medical professionals to gauge their earning potential and understand the broader trends in their field. Whether you’re an established physician or a medical student charting your future course, staying informed about these trends is crucial in this ever-evolving profession.

Doximity Physician Salary Analysis

Who is the Highest Paid Physician?

Doximity’s Physician Compensation Report often showcases the different pay scales of various specialties. Traditionally, certain specialties consistently earn higher salaries compared to others. These include specialties like neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and plastic surgery. The reasons for their higher compensation often relate to the complexity and length of training, the risks involved in the procedures they perform, and the demand for their specialized skills.

While the specifics can fluctuate year by year, it’s a general trend that procedure-driven specialties, or those that conduct surgeries and interventions, usually find themselves at the top of the compensation list. However, it’s essential to remember that high salaries in these fields also come with long hours, extensive training, and high malpractice insurance costs.


Gender Pay Gap in Doximity

The gender pay gap in medicine is a topic of ongoing concern and scrutiny, and the Doximity Report hasn’t shied away from shedding light on this issue. Historically, male physicians have earned more than their female counterparts, and while the reasons for this disparity are multifaceted, the gap is undeniable.

Doximity’s data over the years has revealed a persistent gender wage gap across nearly all specialties. Factors contributing to this disparity can include but are not limited to, fewer women in higher-paying specialties, discrepancies in hours worked, and differing levels of negotiation skills or opportunities. It’s worth noting that while the pay gap exists, there has been a growing awareness and initiatives to bridge this gap. Still, as of the latest reports, women earn, on average, a certain percentage less than men across various specialties.

There’s also the influence of maternity leave and career interruptions for female physicians, which can play a role in earnings over time. The conversation about the gender pay gap isn’t just about salary figures but also about broader issues of equity, opportunity, and work-life balance.


Understanding the nuances of physician salaries, from the highest earners to the underlying disparities like the gender pay gap, requires a holistic view. Doximity’s data provides a lens through which these issues can be examined, but real change and understanding come from deeper industry introspection and reform. The medical community continues to grapple with these challenges, aiming for a more equitable and fair compensation system for all its members.


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