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Physician Roles and Responsibilities

This category includes posts that deal with the roles, responsibilities, and ethical issues related to being a physician, such as a physician’s duty of care, patient-physician confidentiality, physician code of conduct, physician practice management, etc.


Can a Physician Release Another Physician’s Records?

When it comes to medical records, patient privacy is a top priority. Doctors and healthcare providers are bound by strict confidentiality laws that govern the use and disclosure of patient health information. But what happens when one physician needs to access the medical records of another physician? Can a physician release another physician’s records? Or […]

Can a Physician Release Another Physician’s Records? Read More »


Who Can Take Verbal Orders From a Physician?

When you visit a hospital or doctor’s office, you expect top-notch medical care from the healthcare professionals on duty. However, have you ever wondered about the hierarchy of authority among the medical staff? Who can take verbal orders from a physician, and who can’t? It’s a crucial question that needs a clear and concise answer, especially

Who Can Take Verbal Orders From a Physician? Read More »


Attending Physician vs. Resident

Attending Physician vs. Resident? The medical sector has many intricate hierarchies and titles, which might perplex people outside the area. If you’re thinking about a career in medicine or are just interested in the differences between these jobs, you’ve come to the right spot. “Attending physician” and “resident” are two of the most typical titles

Attending Physician vs. Resident Read More »


Sample Physician Letter for Disability

Let’s discuss the sample physician letter for disability – By assisting your patients in managing their health and wellness, you play a crucial part in their lives as a physician.  But what occurs when a patient’s health deteriorates and becomes disabled, making it impossible for them to work? It can be a difficult and overwhelming

Sample Physician Letter for Disability Read More »


What Is A Collaborating Physician?

What is a collaborating physician?  The importance of collaborative physicians is growing as healthcare continues to change. But what precisely is a collaborating physician, and why is their role in the healthcare system so vital?  In this blog, we’ll discuss what a collaborating physician is, their duties, and why their position is essential for providing patients with high-quality treatment.

What Is A Collaborating Physician? Read More »

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