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This category includes posts discussing laws and policies affecting physicians, such as the physician payment sunshine act.


What Is the Purpose of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act?

Have you ever wondered how much money your doctor receives from pharmaceutical companies? Here comes the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. What is the purpose of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act? It was created to increase transparency in healthcare by requiring companies to report payments made to physicians and teaching hospitals. But why is this important? …

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Tail Coverage vs Occurrence Policy

Tail Coverage vs Occurrence Policy

Occurrence-based insurance is a type of medical malpractice insurance that protects the physician from liability arising from care that results in a patient’s injury or death. Tail Coverage vs. Occurrence Policy is essential to understand. An occurrence-based policy differs from claims-made in that an occurrence-based policy covers any claim for an event that took place …

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Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

Have you heard of PQRS Medical Abbreviation? PQRS Meaning? A Guide to the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS): As healthcare experts, we aim to give our patients the best treatment.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) to gauge the caliber of care delivered by physicians and …

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Sample Physician Letter for Disability

Let’s discuss the sample physician letter for disability – By assisting your patients in managing their health and wellness, you play a crucial part in their lives as a physician.  But what occurs when a patient’s health deteriorates and becomes disabled, making it impossible for them to work? It can be a difficult and overwhelming …

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How To Solve Physician Shortage

How To Solve Physician Shortage?  The shortage is a serious problem for the healthcare sector. Many clinics need help to meet patient needs due to an aging population and rising demand for medical services. Longer wait times, more stress on staff, and lower-quality care are all consequences of the physician shortage in healthcare.  But how can …

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Average Cost Of Tail Coverage For Physician

The Importance of Understanding the Average Cost of Tail Coverage for Physicians: A Comprehensive Guide.  The most excellent treatment for your patients should always be your top concern as a physician. But what if a medical malpractice claim is discovered after you’ve left your practice or retired? Tail coverage becomes essential in this situation. You are safe against …

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Physician Non-Compete Agreements

Physician Non-Compete Agreements What is a Physician Non-Compete Agreement?  Of all the things in a contract besides compensation, this is probably the area I discuss the most with the physicians I’m reviewing their contracts. It can have enormous ramifications on a professional’s career depending upon several factors we’ll discuss. Let’s do some basics as far …

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Medical Malpractice Coverage

Healthcare providers must protect against liabilities arising from medical negligence through Medical Malpractice Coverage.  Medical malpractice is a legal liability caused by a professional healthcare provider. In this case, the physician deviates from the expected healthcare standards, thereby causing injury to a patient.  Medical malpractice (negligence) occurs through misdiagnosis, failure to treat, prescription drug errors, birth injuries, …

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