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Physician Career and Professional Development

This includes posts about physician projected growth, physician self pay fee schedule, physician quality reporting system, cover letters for physicians, skills needed to be a physician, physician use of social media, physician compensation models, how to find a collaborating physician, on-call physician responsibilities, etc.


Family Physician Job Outlook in 2023

Family Physician Job Outlook in 2023 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s a projected 3% growth for physicians and surgeons from 2021-2031. Despite being below average, this translates to roughly 21,000 annual job openings, indicating a steady demand for family physicians. The role of a family physician is pivotal in the healthcare sector.

Family Physician Job Outlook in 2023 Read More »


Decoding Physician CME Allowances: What to Expect

Decoding Physician CME Allowances In 2022, physicians received an average CME allowance of $3,691, as reported by Merritt Hawkins. This reflects a growth from 2012’s average of $3,391, highlighting the evolving landscape of medical education funding. Continuing Medical Education (CME) plays a pivotal role in the professional development of physicians. It ensures that they stay

Decoding Physician CME Allowances: What to Expect Read More »


S Corp Reasonable Salary for Physicians

Navigating the Financial Maze: The “S Corp Reasonable Salary for Physicians” Guide Hey there, savvy physician! 🩺💡 So, you’ve dived into the world of S Corporations, aiming for that sweet spot between maximizing profits and minimizing taxes. But, there’s that looming question: What’s a ‘reasonable salary’ when you wear the physician hat in an S

S Corp Reasonable Salary for Physicians Read More »


Negotiating Physician Salary

Mastering the Art of “Negotiating Physician Salary” 🤝💰 Hello, dear readers! 🌟 So, you’ve done the hard work: years of schooling, endless nights on call, and have proudly earned the title of ‘Physician.’ But as you step into the professional world, there’s another crucial skill to arm yourself with: negotiation. Today, we’re about to dive

Negotiating Physician Salary Read More »


How to Negotiate a Physician Employment Contract?

Embarking on the journey of understanding How to Negotiate a Physician Employment Contract can feel a bit like venturing into an intricate maze. With various clauses, terms, benefits, and, let’s face it, legal jargon, it’s no wonder many physicians feel overwhelmed before they even begin.  Yet, much like a compelling novel or an exciting movie, this process

How to Negotiate a Physician Employment Contract? Read More »


How to Negotiate Physician Salary

Hey there, savvy docs and soon-to-be grads! 🎓💼 Have you ever felt that heart-flipping moment right before discussing your paycheck? You’re not alone. The topic of “How to Negotiate Physician Salary” can be as nerve-wracking as diagnosing a tricky case. But guess what? As with your medical expertise, this can be learned and mastered. Whether

How to Negotiate Physician Salary Read More »


Physician Compensation Model

Decoding the Blueprint of Earnings: Dive into the “Physician Compensation Model” Hey there, brilliant healers of the world! 🌍💉 Ever paused mid-suture or between consultations to ponder, “How is my financial puzzle pieced together?” It’s a question many physicians grapple with. Enter the fascinating world of the “Physician Compensation Model.” It’s like the DNA of

Physician Compensation Model Read More »


Physician Compensation Consultants

Cracking the Code of Your Worth: Say Hello to “Physician Compensation Consultants” Hey there, amazing medical mavens! 🩺💡 Ever caught yourself wondering if your paycheck truly mirrors your worth? Or perhaps, if you’re navigating your career maze just right. Worry not, because the world has a solution crafted for you: “Physician Compensation Consultants.” Think of

Physician Compensation Consultants Read More »

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